Project Accomplished!!

“Project Days”

{Over the next course of time, I will be posting pictures of projects that I have in mind am planning to do!}

 ::Twine Balls::
{All credits for idea go to Aunt Rachaelle} 
Now while I made these, I enjoyed a cup of peppermint tea, and listened to this messege by Ron Vissor, which was such a challenge to my heart! I encourage you to take the time to listen to it as well! 

{A Baby Girl}

Kendal {thankful} Noelle {precious gift}
She is most definitley a precious gift!
What a sweet little peaceful baby!
I’ll be posting more pictures as soon as I can!:)


Auntie “RaRa” with Kendal NoelleA very overjoyed big sister!!


This is only a small portion of pictures from over Christmas and the New Year:)

{our personal highlights}

AnnMarie’s homemade EGGNOG…Mom’s asparagus wrapped in paper….SLAM…Shalom just being funny…cooking, cooking…cooking…work schedules….WEBCAMING with Erik&Julie. (first time) (quite the laugh) shopping…coffee, and more coffee.
sarah driving…AnnMarie’s contractions:) mom gasping….
….and many more

What is He to you?


The last while the word {Trust} has been a comfort, blessing, and a challenge to me.
Comfort: as we go through a difficult time we can TRUST that He’s in control!
Blessing: simply TRUSTING!
Challenge: Facing uncertainty/questions- Trusting His heart, that He know’s what’s best!
Now these tie into one another pretty easily but I just wanted to give an idea.

I thought I’d share what’s on my heart lately… I want to carry that “simply Trusting” into this New Year! He know’s all what 2012 holds for us! What could be better than to Trust the Almighty who holds our future in His hands!