Don’t you just love it when bloggers post food, as their subject?
Especially when your stomach is empty (or so we think) and your mouth is just drooling over the picture…Somehow it looks so appealing in the picture, but getting around to actually making it, isn’t very hopeful.   (did I just write out your thoughts or what!) 
WELL FOLKS!! I am here to tell you, THIS SALAD is an ABSOLUTE MUST!!
I never get tired of it! It’s so fulfilling, and very healthy!
*spinach arugular blend    *avacado   *black beans*   *chicken&corn (fried in olive oil)
*organic black bean dip (optional, but HIGHLY suggested)   *sour cream  *salsa (optional)

::Just think! There isn’t any carbs! NO cheese or unesessary calories in dressing!::

{Route 81}

“Through the loveless dark this lonely night. To your empty heart there shines a light. Glorious light of love for all to see.  He is seeking you, with a tender voice. He is calling you to make a choice.Tune your ear to hear His quiet sound. He is seeking you. Will you be found?”

“As I read your holy word, help me see Lord help me learn. Holy Spirit from its pages lead the way.Come and melt my stubborn will. Make my heart and soul be still. As I read your word, may I heed it and obey.”

::under construction::

At the moment my blog  is undergoing some construction!!
So if things look disfunctional, try not to be too alarmed. I am not a “computer techy”
Hence, it shall be a little while for things to smooth out again.
I will have you know that great things are to come out of this construction!!


Project #2

At last!! Were you wondering if I would ever accomplish another project?
Well besides being extremely busy I have found time to continue with these “projects” as I have talked about.
This one in particular is a favorite. You can customize however you wish!
 TRUSTing in the Lord forever, for in the Lord Jehovah is everylasting strength. (isaiah 26:3-4) Thus the word TRUST- it’s been a huge blessing and encouragment in my life the last few months. I wanted a reminder to hang up in my room!! 

I really enjoy doing this:)

…What happens when your phone buzz startled you out of DEEP concentration.