A Revival Prayer

“Of self I am weary, my sin I abhor. I long to be holy and pure to the core; O why do I labor on husks to be fed, or spend my poor money for what is not bread?
Thy church, O my Savior, Thy body and bride. The saints Thou hast ransomed, for whom Thou hast died. How cold we are growing in service and prayer! Our love needs rekindling, our altars repair.
The world, in its sorrow, the world needeth Thee; Revive Thy disciples, beginning in me! Endue us with boldness, Thy grace to proclaim; O help us with power to speak in Thy name!
Thy glorious coming, we long for the day! But are we preparing the holy highway? Our hands seem so weak, and how feeble the knee; O send a revival beginning in me!

O Lord; send a revival! Lord, send a revival! O Lord, send a revival, and let it begin in me!


{Something that the Lord has blessed me with is the gift of playing piano by ear. While there are many times when I sit at the piano for the joy of playing, there are also many times I begin to play that the Lord encourages and blesses my heart personally through His gift to me!
With this in mind, I was playing this afternoon, and came across the words written above. Immediately I started playing notes, but at once a melody formed. I began to play a tune I had never heard of. The Lord gave me a melody for these words, and as I continued to play and replay this song, not only did the melody become concrete in my mind, but refreshed my soul! It was such a blessing, and honestly I really felt like I just met with the Lord! Just wanted to share that little something with you.}

Five Loaves Bakery

Before any painting was done (pictured below)1

Five Loaves Bakery to open June 1st.
A vision without a task is a dream.
A task without a vision is drudgery.
A task with a vision is hope for the future.
{there will be a story about our family business soon! Stay posted!}

phone snaps

Well here are just a couple snap shots of sweet friends. We have been trying to get as many pictures as we can before we leave for summer break.
This semester is finished now! So excited to be going home! I will most likely have more time to post pictures of college once I am home:)


IMG_3805By the way…I LOVE you girls!! Going to miss you so much!!