New Cd’s Released

Hi! My college has released 2 cd’s this last semester. They have been such a blessing to my heart and I wanted to make sure I give you the opportunity to purchase one if you wish to. If you decide to purchase one of the new cd’s please contact me and I will put the sale through my name- Each cd that is bought is $5 dollars off my school bill! Besides that, if I sell up to 300 cd’s not only do I get $5 off my school bill, but also a missions trip paid in full to Israel! Most of all I do hope you are blessed with this music. They are full of powerful prayers! Make sure you click below to hear some samples.
Now Unto HimGrant Us Mercy

Just released!
Grant Us Mercy 
Now Unto
    2 New Releases!
    Falls Baptist Church and Baptist College of Ministry are thrilled to announce the release of 2 new music recordings.

Grant Us Mercy features the Baptist College of Ministry Concert Chorale.  These revival prayers are arranged in fresh a cappella settings.
Now Unto Him also features the Concert Chorale.  These beautifully orchestrated pieces will stir your heart as you reflect on the glorious life that the believer has in Christ.
Please click here to see a listing of tracks and listen to samples. You may order CDs by following the links on the website, or by calling (262) 251-7051 ext. 410.  Orders may also be placed by emailing
        Contact Us Phone: 262-251-7051 ext. 410 |

Witnessing at Madison University

Last semester at school, the student body went to MSU to witness around the campus. It was a very neat opportunity, and there were a number of souls saved too!
Here are a few pictures from my group.

MSU7MSU6MSU4MSU2MSU3This girl below with me is Alexandria. Almost a month after we met I received a call from her. She read the tract I gave to her when she was rushing to class and had some questions about the gospel. I did not even remember giving my number to her but I apparently did, and she called me! About two weeks after that phone call she called me again and got saved. It was SO precious! Praise the Lord for such a wonderful opportunity to share His LOVE with others.MSU1