Hearts of Fire

imageMy kindred spirit Grace, gave me a book called Hearts of Fire by Gracia Burnham. I have managed to sit down and read in small increments as my work schedule allows. Reading the real life happenings of these women has literally been life changing- I do not say that lightly! Throughout each woman’s story I found myself right there with them. It was not only what they experienced that impacted my heart, but their unwavering faith in God NO MATTER THE COST. So maybe we don’t face the persecution these women experienced but I can not help but think of situations we are in day after day- I don’t think I need to write some hypothetical situation. . . But take a moment and think of times throughout your day, whether running errands, at the workplace, or even at home.

One last thing I want to share was something that stood out to me in one of the stories. This sentence. . . “She filtered every decision through her commitment to being a missionary someday.” Gladys Weatherhead